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Love Is (Installation) – Miguel Angel Crozzoli

Materials. Heartbeat monitor. Ultrasound sensor. Raspberry pi. ESP32 wifi board. Coding. Phyton. Supercollider. Arduino

LOVE IS (2021) is an installation of the perception of our body and the power of our hearts.

This piece was created to study how people engage and perceive space, using their own bodies to transform the soundscape they listen to. In this piece, different sounds are triggered by ultrasound sensors: sounds are activated when people move around while wearing a heartbeat monitor that sends their heartbeat to a computer. This computer uses the heart rate as a number to transform the same sounds they are triggering. I created this installation, where presence is translated into our movements around the room, and emotion is translated into the beatings of our hearts.

Click to read and imagine how the sound installation is developed.

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