Between 2018 and 2020, I composed four orchestral pieces inspired by cosmology research and using space scientific sonifications. I studied as deeply as I could about colliding black holes, the cosmic microwave background, dark energy, and neutron stars -It was so exciting that I seriously thought about doing a degree in astrophysics!

Each composition was a theoretical challenge, but through the efforts of understanding the science, my imagination was rewarded with different compositional possibilities, giving different meanings to the sounds I explored. For my piece about colliding black holes, called ‘Cosmic Transients’, I collaborated with Dr. Radoslaw Jan Wojtak from DARK Cosmology Centre in Copenhagen (Niels Bohr Institute), who is specialized in black holes. This collaboration was key in grounding my compositional process through structural development, and feeling the emotionality of the researcher while engaging in scientific and artistic conversations -the beauty of cross-field interactions!

Overall, I like to think that this project was about finding synergies between science and music, building an emotional connection between the audience, and ground-breaking scientific discoveries. I believe that creating art that aims to disseminate such spectacular topics, can create a sense of wonder in the listener, and with it, a new perspective of reality.


To compose this piece, I drove inspiration from Maria Moutzouri‘s dissertation thesis: ‘FLUX DENSITY AND SPECTRAL VARIABILITY OF PULSARS’ at the University of Manchester, and used sonifications from Jodrell Bank Institue.

Buy this album and support me!

Buy this album and support me!

This is my favorite of the series. It was created through the beautiful process of meeting Dr. Radoslaw, and somehow the timing and mental space to compose this music were just perfect. This record is looking for a label to be released! any contemporary music label that might be interested in? let me know. And if you can’t wait and want to hear it, send me an email, the music is just a WeTranfer click away.

Buy this album and support me!

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