SCI Music : we are living exciting times in scientific research where our understanding of reality has been taken to the edge of our perception, but how does music address this new insight?

About. Sci Music is an art based research project where I work with new scientific discoveries to build the shape and behaviour of my pieces, and scientific data -sonifications- to manipulate its sounding content. My goal is to create a new perception of reality through non conventional music composition techniques as my methodology and scientific research and time-space diffraction as my method; to question music to its music-ness can produce new knowledge.

The compositions length is 45 minutes each and they can be framed into a contemporary-experimental scored music aesthetic with free improvised music elements. The pieces are performed by my ensemble called ‘The Strangement Society’ formed by electronics, voice, reeds and strings.

Works. The first stage of this research project contemplates the creation of 4 compositions and an essay in a 2 years working frame. The compositions are the following: Radio Pulsars (ongoing), Cosmic Transients (2019), Dark Energy (2019) and The Cosmic Microwave Background (2018).

*photo: Ole Vilhelm Wagner
*video: Benjamin Garay