Sounding Numbers. Throughout my project, I work with Data Sonifications that is the transformation of a specific set of numbers into sound. I believe that the artistic beauty of these sonifications lies within the potential poetry that can be unfolded from them- whilst simultaneously representing hard data from reality. To compose my music, I undergo a process of research where I craft synergies between specific scientific research and their musical possibilities to create a sounding representation of its data.

The musical outcome is enchanting! An immersive atmosphere that drags the attention of the listener into a dream-like scene. It is in my belief that this aesthetic approach enhances a different perception of science, empowering society through the emotions that the music awakens.

I work with cutting edge technologies. One of my most ambitious goals is to investigate how a scientific instrument can become a music instrument: how can I write for a particle accelerator the same way I write for a viola? And therefore, how the new techniques that I develop can be experienced by an audience? I search for the answer of these questions with an interdisciplinary and diverse working group of programmers, designers and musicians.

Up to date Sounding Numbers’ artistic works.

LOVE IS: is an immersive sound piece for an improvised performance, where the listener becomes a part of it, as their movement around a dark room, triggers sounds that flood the space as unbeaten waves. The performance offers a space of immersive reflection on how we conceive and experience love as a subject, in the context of an overwhelming pandemic, where people feel alone and secluded, in fear of the other.

PULSARS: is inspired on already made radio pulsars’ sonifications; for this work, I took fixed data sets as input values from the European Pulsar Timing Array into different coded sound objects. On this piece, different pulsar sonifications can be played on a random sequence creating a sense of overlapping textures and pitch-movement, as looking widely into the sky. Click me for the code

I AM THE FOREST: is a performative sound installation and the opening movement of my latest composition. This work is based on the Niche Theory and data from Global Forest Watch to construct coded sound object for a political participatory sound installation within community practices, and the opening act of a series of compositions that raises the question about our daily actions and sustainability. Click me for Sonification Playlist & Click me for Composition excerpts