South Argentinian composer and performer, based in Denmark.

inspired by such people as Anthony Braxton, Miguel Crozzoli makes music that is both highly intellectual and emotional.’ Jakob Baekgaard, >read more<

Academic development. I’m doing an art based research degree as a composer called Soloist, the Advance Postgraduate Diploma at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen (2020-2022). On the same fantastic institution, I did my master in Music Creation and before I moved to Copenhagen I studied a 4 years bachelor degree in music at the Buenos Aires Music School followed by a 3 years jazz specialization at the Conservatory Manuel de Falla. In 2013 I was selected to attend the International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music at The BANFF Centre in Canada and in 2014 I took a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management at the Faculty of Economics, National University of Córdoba.

Miguel Crozzoli, saxophoniste ténor, nous rappelle au bon souvenir des saxophonistes ardents de la free music…’ Review by Le Son Du Grisli >read more<

I believe in the power of action. I founded and directed Creatividad en Movimiento until 2016: an independent organization dedicated to develop, increase visibility and reach sustainability of the creative arts in Argentina while focusing on critical thinking and social activism.

As a composer and improviser I released 19 records with 6 more to come between 2020/2021. My actual compositions are part of an art based research project where I aim to create new perceptions of reality by finding and crafting synergies between non conventional music techniques and ground breaking scientific discoveries, which I called SCI Music.

I’m part of the founding members and active artist of Nendo Dango Records, an independent label that aims to increase visibility and communication of improvised music from Argentina.

*photo: Luise Volkman