Since I discovered my passion for playing music, I have been intrigued by the world of improvisation. Freedom. Fire. Language. Communion. Communication. I can easily track down the moment when I became fascinated by it, almost obsessed: it was a cassette, a present from my saxophone teacher in south Argentina -a cassette that contained the sweet fire of John Coltrane.

Throughout my career, I learned different languages. I traveled from jazz and free jazz to contemporary free improvisation. Every place I lived, toured, visited, and people I met gave me something new, fresh flavors to taste, discover, and enjoy.

I am still in the quest for new sounds in spontaneous creations, so besides my artistic research and my heavy composition projects, I run different groups where I wonder and wander through the colorful paths of improvisation.


Duende is a South-American-Scandinavian-based Free Improvising group. Our music seeks to convey a shocking, harsh, and sweet music universe, for the audience to become captive of a noise-full, textural, and abstract melodic experience.

“The whole album got me in tension, under a sort of unpredictability spell; these two South American musicians took one tradition and created a sort of newborn genre using improvisation as the main process.

Sergio Castrillón (Cellist, PhD in Philosophy)

We explore the meaning of presence and space explorations. Through our saxophones, guitar, and electronics, we shape a sound world unique to the place in intimate relation to the audience’s energy. We seek to express the emotions that we feel and create by being together in the same space: Duende, the audience, the stage, the city, the forest. All breathing together.

We create a sounding electronic soundscape, that travels between distorted high peaks and smooth immersive sound waves. In this musical journey, we all experience the roots of our South-American tradition translated into abstraction through our acoustic sounds, electromagnetic signals, and sound processes.

Unless We is an experimental and improvised South American duo rooted in the belief that art can transcend any physicality through music.

Their music draws from the ‘spiritual’ well, as their every note seems to form from somewhere deep and intangible, rising to the surface in expressive waves.

Paul Aqcuaro -FreeFrom

This duo is a very exciting one, but because the distance between Europe and South America is quite difficult to overcome, our performance activity happens only when we are visiting each other.

*photo: Silvia Musorzky